Our Team

Our Team is committed and creative. Our Mission is to make a difference in the lives of special needs children by educating families of the benefits and advantage of cycling.

Our team is a group of recreational and avid cyclists that love being outdoors and exploring new views. Getting together to work for AdaptAbility has helped us increase our passion and desires for the growth of our cycling community. It has also helped us realize the need for children with special needs to take advantage of all the benefits that cycling can provide them.

AdaptAbility is here to change the way children with special needs exercise by providing them with Adaptative bicycles so their exercise can be advantageous and fun.

Board of Directors

Sandra Alfonzo

Sandra Alfonzo lives in Brooklyn, NY. Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an Associate Degree in Fashion Design. Owner of Behind Bars in Brooklyn. Marathon runner and avid cyclist. Philanthropist. Sandra’s love for sports and children inspired her to create a non-profit allowing children with special needs to exercise and feel free just like any other child. Sandra’s role at AdaptAbility is to be the brain of the program.

Ian E. Gonzalez

Ian E. Gonzalez lives in Ames, Iowa. He is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University. Ian is an avid cyclist and is training for his first half marathon. Ian’s role at AdaptAbility is to help adapt new technology to our future Adapt bicycles.


Samantha Cassidy

Samantha Cassidy lives in Brooklyn, NY with her son Cooper. She works as a photo editor, and she is a certified running and indoor coach instructor. Samantha is an avid cyclist.  Her role at AdaptAbility allows us to fundraise and campaign.

Dewayne R. Grayson Jr

Dewayne R. Grayson Jr. lives in Brooklyn, NY and works as a Teaching Assistant at P53 @ MS88 South Slope Brooklyn. His love for children with special needs allows him to be an inspirational volunteer. His role at AdaptAbility allows us to reach out to parents, physical therapist, and doctors so our decision-making is complete and effective.


Lynn Richardson

Lynn Richardson is an avid cyclist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her experience on Fund Raising is an asset in our project. Lynn’s role at Adapt Ability allows us to fundraise and campaign.

Greg Cohen

Greg Cohen lives in Brooklyn, NY. He holds a BA from Union College and is a certified trainer in non-profit ethics with the Institute for Global Ethics. Greg is an avid and long-distance cyclist. Greg’s role at AdaptAbility has guided us in organizing our program.


Francesca Maso

Francesca lives in Brooklyn. NY and provides marketing communications guidance to local business. Francesca is an avid cyclist. Francesca’s role at AdaptAbility provides communication strategies and branding.

Alan Barba

Alan lives in Brooklyn, NY. Graduated from ITESO, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Alan is an avid cyclist. Alan’s role at Adaptability provides communication strategies and branding.


Maria Rodriguez

Maria lives in Brooklyn, NY. Mrs. Rodriguez is an adaptive physical education teacher for the NYC department of education for 23 years. Currently working in 3 different schools in Park Slope and Sunset Park. Maria incorporates sports and outdoors activities in her teaching. Maria’s role at AdaptAbility is to guide us in our child enrollment.

Zoe and Daynna R. Ladias

Zoe and Daynna live in Brooklyn, NY. Both sisters go to school in Park Slope. They had created a book-mark program, both sister are making hand made book-marks, all the sales of their program goes to AdaptAbility. Zoe and Daynna roles at AdaptAbility are to fund raised.

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