A bike for every kid


What we do

Children with Special Needs share the same goals as many of us.  Each child's story, situation, and challenges are unique. Due to balance and mobility challenges, many children and teens with special needs require the use of an adaptive bicycle.

AdaptAbility is a program created to customize adaptive bicycles for children with special needs, allowing them to exercise and to improve mobility, while giving opportunity to experience the pleasure of riding a bicycle. Each bicycle is tailored to the child's challenges and goals. AdaptAbility bicycles are donated to families free of charge, allowing them to increase their quality of life.


Our Impact

With the cost of life increasing day by day, most families cannot afford the costs of an Adaptive bicycle. Families with Special Needs children are being forced to divide themselves on how to afford one in order to do outside activities together. Our mission is to bring families together while they exercise. Exercise can change not only one household: it can change the whole community.

AdaptAbility…Raising funds to donate a bicycle to children with Special Needs in need of one. Allowing them to exercise, creating unforgettable family time, and giving them the opportunity to feel like any other child.


Changing life one at a time

Since we started our journey with AdaptAbility, all we have wanted is to change lives. Investing in cycling is how we will achieve our goal. Cycling benefits are increasing every day. Cycling can provide exercise and transportation, and can be fun in the park. Adaptability is here to make cycling part of your family and community. Our first star rider was Diego Munoz. The media attention he generated helped fund additional bikes for three more star riders: Peri Finkelstein, Hasan Mahmud, and Karen Zhou. We are working with New York schools to identify future star riders. As long as donations keep arriving, we will continue building custom adaptive bicycles and creating huge smiles.


AdaptAbility Family is growing