Meet Kiko

Kiko is 14 years old. He is smart, love sports and is an energetic happy young men. Kiko's 4 brain surgeries brought some irreversible complications.  Left sided paralysis and losing half of his vision are the major ones but his ADHD complication is just as significant. Due to this, his executive age is 3-5 years younger than his chronological peers. His deficient executive functions make him unable to plan ahead, organize his thoughts, and anticipate possibilities. 

“We really want him to be independent Sandra, and find the freedom and  joy in doing things on his own, however, Safety supersedes this.  We have carefully deliberated on this and thought that tandem biking will bring him the pleasure of cycling within the realms of being safe”
— Lina, Kiko’s mother.


Meet Diego

Diego is 12 years old. He was born with a duplication of chromosome 15q and a mutation the gene TLK2. After many several surgeries and many more to come in the face and the head, he still requires special diets, therapies and treatment. Diego is non-verbal and non-ambulatory. Having an adaptive bicycle will give Diego therapy and freedom to be outside.

“Diego is our best teacher and although we can still say that our journey with Diego is challenging and still very difficult to navigate, this is a story of a family full of hope, love and resilience”
— Ligia, Diego’s Mother.


Meet Allegra

Allegra is 20 years old and in her final year of school at iBrain. Although she is non-ambulatory, Allegra loves to move, especially on adaptive bicycles!  Her current school does not have a bicycle for her. So, having her own bicycle would enable her to bicycle during her last year of school and beyond.


Meet Ava

She is a sweet, beautiful 6 year old girl from Brooklyn, New York. It all started out when she suffered from lack of oxygen and low APG scores. Ava suffers from multiple medical issues, PDD/ Autism, Selective Mutism and immunosuppressive disorder that she receives IVIG infusions. She has been home based all of her life for therapy and school services. The joy of receiving a bike that will provide her safety and enjoyment at same time is the best gift anyone could ever give her.


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