Making a difference


Meet Kiko

Kiko is 14 years old. He is smart, love sports and is an energetic happy young men. Kiko's 4 brain surgeries brought some irreversible complications.  Left sided paralysis and losing half of his vision are the major ones but his ADHD complication is just as significant. Due to this, his executive age is 3-5 years younger than his chronological peers. His deficient executive functions make him unable to plan ahead, organize his thoughts, and anticipate possibilities. 

“We really want him to be independent Sandra, and find the freedom and  joy in doing things on his own, however, Safety supersedes this.  We have carefully deliberated on this and thought that tandem biking will bring him the pleasure of cycling within the realms of being safe”
— Lina, Kiko’s mother.

Meet Brianna

“Giggle box”, that’s what her teachers call her. Brianna is eight years old and has a twin sister. She has limited muscle control of her arms, legs and torso. Brianna is a top student in her class. She spends hours each day in physical therapy and is very active outdoors. For Brianna riding a bicycle will be a double joy, will help her to get better and will mean being able to do things her sister do.

Brianna and her family are very grateful for all the donations and amazing wishes…

Meet Otis

Otis is seven years old. He has never ridden a bike before. Thanks to our donors we are making a difference in his life. Although he has spent much of his childhood in hospitals and gone through many surgeries, he has somehow managed to remain an extremely happy boy. He continues to fight with a good spirit and positive sweetness. Everyone who meets Otis instantly falls in love with him.

Otis and his family are excited and Thanks everyone that made this a reality. Otis’ life will never be the same…

Karen Zhou

Karen was born in Brooklyn, NY. Her parents are Chinese and at the age of 9 years old she speaks English and Mandarin. Karen was born premature and stayed in the hospital several months. Karen’s goal is one day to walk without any help. Her love for reading makes her one of the smart students in her class.

谢谢(Thank you) from Karen and Zhou Family.

Hasan Mahmud

Hasan is 9 years old and was born in Brooklyn, NY. He loves reading and video games. Hasan’s diagnosis and his severe hypotonia and unsteady gait make things hard for him to perform any action without help. His goal is one day to help others the same way people have being helping him.

Hasan and his Family are very grateful.



Peri is 18 years old and is a student at Adelphi University, NY majoring in Business. She had more than 20 surgeries and use an electric wheelchair and a ventilator 24/7, but have not stop her to continue achieving her goals. Peri is a marathon runner.

Peri and her Family, Thanks everyone for all the donations


Diego Munoz

Our first AdaptAbility Star, Diego Munoz. Diego loves the outdoors and his favorite song is “I Live”. At the age of 15, Diego had more than 10 surgeries. He was born premature and had a lot of medical issues. He lives with his parents, sister and the new member of the family “Rocky” (dog).

The Munoz Family are very thankful for all the donations, making Diego’s dream of riding a bicycle a reality.